We are partnered with Zaner Digital, the digital assets division of Zaner LLC, the largest independent futures brokerage in the world which operates in more than 16 countries.

​What We Offer​

  • US customer onboarding for foreign crypto exchanges – we are banked with U.S. Bancorp, Citibank and Chase. Most notably, Chase can now accept foreign wires for crypto transactions through us.

  • Crypto / fiat exchange – Zaner Digital is registered and compliant with FinCEN.

  • Crypto to gold – we deliver to 65 countries. No banks. No limits.

  • Blockchain merchant banking – leverage our banking relationships for your blockchain business. Talk to us.

  • Block liquidations – we can liquidate your crypto into our broker network. Zaner futures customers are increasingly dealing in crypto, currently estimated at between 10-20% of the customer base.

  • US KYC / AML – Zaner has handled its client verification processes entirely in-house since 1982. While there may exist other blockchain related platforms that do the same, nothing beats the experience and pedigree of an entity that has adhered to such compliance over several decades to remain in business.

  • Crypto debit cards – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Binance Coin and more.

​In addition to crypto, we have the facility to offer all futures and metals products globally, as well as CME and CBOE instruments, such as Bitcoin futures, for exchange customers.

Client Showcase - Ampersand Markets

​April, 2019 – Chicago, IL – Ampersand Markets, which is creating a silver-based ecosystem around a new category of digital assets that allows buyers to own silver on the blockchain, today announced the launch of its consortium (the “Ampersand Consortium”). Comprised of indispensable participants for delivering major functional components of the ecosystem, the Ampersand Consortium will provide the necessary infrastructure to explore the development of a new silver ecosystem and exchange.

​Participants in the growing Ampersand Consortium include several prominent companies and groups that focus on precious metals and digital assets, including Zaner Metals, LLC, Ohansons LLC, DrawBridge Lending and leaders in the mining finance community based in Toronto. - Tech Bullion 

"Ampersand has spoken with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and recent SEC guidance also helped. “Overall, the new SEC guidance from early April will make it easier for token businesses to operate domestically,” Mr. Patinkin said. “Regulators are actually forward looking and encourage legitimate uses of tokens, especially when solving actual business problems, which is the camp we’re in.” - Bankless Times

The digital assets division of Zaner helped Ampersand create it's "vaulted" silver token while providing nearly all of the above related merchant banking services for US crypto contributions. Zaner Metals (a division of Zaner LLC) sits on the physical end providing the silver vaulting, delivery network and advisory on valuation and metals market economics.


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