• Munly Leong

Yes we can do Amazon FBA! (potentially)

One of the major issues with financing for Amazon FBA sellers is the need to inspect the product inventory on our end to confirm not just the quality and sale-ability but also that the business is selling the type of goods that they claim to be financing for i.e. nothing illegal or potentially health hazardous. This is something Amazon warehouses also need to insure against as well.

However outside inspectors will not have permission to inspect Amazon warehousing not to mention the impossibility of it all the way they are now organized to be automated. However learning a little bit more about our prospective FBA clients, we've learned that some will use outside warehousing to store bulk quantity and then ship goods in by the palette or in otherwise smaller quantities. This means that a pre-inspection is likely possible and fulfill our criteria.

At the time of writing, we have not approved any FBA clients yet but we are hoping find the right client with the right potential to try things out as we know FBA guys REALLY could use proper financing and risk reduction more than anyone else!

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