• Munly Leong

Hackers & Founders / HACK Fund partnership

We've officially opened up a chapter for Hackers & Founders in Chiang Mai and will have the first meeting at the end of this month!

What is Hackers & Founders?

Hackers/Founders was founded is the largest community of technical founders in the world with chapters in over 60 countries with a combined market cap of over $600 million USD . H/F is also home to HACK Fund/Accelerator, which is a global fund that has also raised over $60 million across 5 funds and is currently pre-IPO for their next fund.

- What is the primary purpose of Hackers / Founders’ gatherings?

To bring together entrepreneurs founding tech startups and businesses; mentors, investors and supporters; and people who are simply curious into a safe and hospitable space that sparks collaboration, innovation, partnerships, shared knowledge and the free exchange of ideas.

- How H/F can help you (besides community)

* Network: access to fellow organizers plus Silicon Valley mentors and thought leaders * Early Adopter Intelligence: H/F Silicon Valley tends to *see new technology two to three years in advance* and that is a powerful advantage to founders in your community * Free Coworking Space: Visiting Silicon Valley or Guadalajara, Mexico? Enjoy free usage of office facilities * Pitch practice: You dont have to be perfect when pitching, think of us as like a toastmasters. If we really have to, we can have separate pitch days and official pitch days if we have enough startups.

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